Surprised by the sun

Bryony sitting against a tree

Bridge in the woods

True to its reputation, the Island overcame its dreary weather forecast with some perfect sunshine.   Too often it’s sunny on a weekday when we’re stuck indoors and I kick myself for not pursuing a career as a park ranger or gardener.  So, we’ve filled our weekend with time outdoors.

Despite waking up to the foghorn today, we were down on our allotment by mid-morning, facing an intimidating mound of woody spinach and mysterious bindweed.  I felt worried that taking on this long-neglected patch would spell the end of other sunny adventures.  But we also found the time to explore two new corners of the Downs, mosey around the beach and have waffle cones of my very favourite ice cream (Minghella’s Banana Smoothie, since you ask…)

Time feels more relaxed when its warm and still, and when being outside doesn’t involve trying to keep warm and brace against the wind.  Spring is truly here and I’m enjoying every sunny moment.

1 thoughts on “Surprised by the sun

  1. Wendy on said:

    Love the way your photos get down close to those springing up from the ground!