Wendy and Bryony Rust

In one of my favourite songs Alela Diane sings of her mama giving her melodies that she will one day pass on to her own daughter.  I love the thought of sharing and passing on the things we love best.  I have many happy memories of baking and sewing with my mum as I grew up, and many more of us exploring new places by bicycle.  So it seemed fitting this Mother’s Day to meet my mum at a favourite cafe, mid-bike ride, and give a hand-sewn gift.

Photo of Wendy Rust

Bikes, stitching and cake; three of my favourite things.  And only a few of the marvellous things that my mum has passed on to me.

2 thoughts on “Mothering

  1. Looks lovely and your mum looks really pleased! What a great idea to take a pic of her receiving her gift – wish I’d thought of that for the things I made for my mum (although, to be fair, she did put the tea cosy on her head to make my children laugh…) :D

    • Sounds like good fun! I’m not actually organised enough to have planned to take a pic; I’m just lucky to have a snap-happy husband!