Quote of the Month: One Hand

Silhouette of Bryony

Isaksen held out his hand and counted on his fingers: inventiveness, persistence, vision, will to survive and, more than anything, the ability to unite in a common purpose to achieve what was impossible for the individual. Five fingers, one hand.

The hand that blows with the wind, the hand of flexibility, the hand that seizes every opportunity that presents itself!
Carsten Jensen

January has been a busy start to the year, with plenty of new plans and outdoor adventures. We’ve grabbed every free moment of blue sky and got muddy feet more times than I can count. I’ve met people over new projects and scribbled plans over old notebooks.

But I’ve still had plenty of time on the couch with this book, going through the stories of the many generations within. This quote in amongst the pages seemed a perfect January theme: persisting through the storms, sharing the load with others, and preparing for the unexpected along the way. I hope the next eleven months will be filled with plenty more inventiveness and vision.

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