Running To Your Own Rhythm

Bryony running along the cliff

Finding an easy pace doesn’t come naturally to me.  I’m the one bursting off the starting line, then later gasping for breath whilst everyone else overtakes.  I love the  feeling of being able to run ever greater distances, but I still sometimes find my legs petering out to a walking pace.

I’m searching for that sweet spot between race and plod, where your legs get in to a rhythm and feel they could keep going for ever.  I keep my eyes on the horizon, stand straight and breathe deep while my feet keep pounding.  That perfect rhythm requires all my attention- blissful distraction from the rest of the world.

I could listen to music, but it seems to distract.  There’s enough of a beat in the air already.  Were I plugged in I wouldn’t notice the flock of waders with their bright red beaks, who fly off on the wind; or the rabbit tucking in to the hedgerow beside me; or the splash of my feet in a grass-lined stream.  Perhaps all these little pieces around me will help me find an easy rhythm.  And, if my legs do just drift to a halt, there’s always the photo opp excuse..

Tom jumping whilst running

4 thoughts on “Running To Your Own Rhythm

  1. I’ve just realised I’ve got to the end of January and haven’t had a run yet – whoops! I’m so jealous of you having such a beautiful place to run – it must be amazingly refreshing and uplifting. x

    • It is great to be able to run on the beach. But I bet you’ve got some lovely places where you are too (and you’ve still got 24hrs to squeeze in that January run!)