Winter Sunshine

View to Tennyson Down from the cliff of Compton

Blue skies in January compel me to squeeze every last sunny drop from the short hours.  Saturday’s last light was golden at Compton Beach.  It was chilly, sat on the rough grass of the cliff’s edge, but still perfect for a winter’s picnic of tea and brownies.

I always hated tea from a flask, but I’ve just discovered that the secret is proper loose leaf tea without milk (and a big slab of chocolate brownie to help wash it down).

We sipped our tea as the light dipped below the water, glowing orange while the last of the surfers sat and watched that last sunny drop.

Surfers at Compton, Isle of Wight in last light

Surfer entering the water at Compton, Isle of Wight at sunset

9 thoughts on “Winter Sunshine

  1. Gorgeous photos.
    So that’s the secret to tea in a flask? am also not a fan. Love tea but has to be hot ribena in a flask, tea never works out but maybe I should try tea leaves – thanks.

    • Yes do! My favourite tea at the moment is called ‘Georgian Old Lady’ (after the country, not the historical period!)

  2. Such a beautiful sky. Certainly warms the soul with or without a cup of tea. I have a soft-spot for coffee in a flask, it reminds me of childhood outings with mum and dad. Fruit cake makes it even better. x

    • Thanks Shoko. The sky does most of the hard work. (And props to Tom of course, as my only contribution is to pinch his photos and stick them on here!)