Night Running

Rusty and Tom in hi-viz

It’s that time of year when we leave for work before sunrise and return home in the dark. It’s not the season for impromptu beach barbecues or a sunny spin round the block. Last weekend’s sunshine passed us by as we were busy finishing off our new kitchen (photos to follow!) So, I’ve been sorely lacking in fresh air and decided I couldn’t let the cold dark wind stop me from getting out. I have to admit that if Tom hadn’t been up for a run too, I’d be very happily still curled up the couch with a large bag of M&Ms (and I don’t care what the bag says – they are not for sharing.)

Our route takes us straight up a hill: a good way to warm up quickly and beat the bitter cold wind. I’m grateful for my many merino layers and wouldn’t go anywhere without ear warmers and woolly mitts. There’s no way to look cool in hi-viz. But it sure does make you feel happier to be running down little country lanes in the dark, dancing in front of the bright lights of cars. Once the cars are gone, the darkness feels like running on the spot in thin air. The long flat stretch of seafront feels just as tough as ever, but the lights on the water and across to the city make a change from the sailboats and strollers of the summer months.

This was my first run in the dark (I am a newbie after all). ┬áThere’s no denying it’s hard to drag myself off the couch, but it felt great to be outside in the wind, and all the sweeter to get the fire roaring on our return. ┬áJust remind me of that when that bag of M&Ms comes calling..

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