Ride Round The Block

Nothing beats coming home from a hectic day at work and heading straight back out the door for some fresh air time. A single hour outside sorts my head out, especially with all of this just round the corner.

Bryony cycling

Dinghies at Gurnard Sailing Club Isle of Wight

Whist I have an easy two-wheeled pootle, Tom runs hard and takes shortcuts across the fields.

Tom running

Tom running away down a lane

Tom running looking back

Give me two wheels, salty air, and this guy to share it with and I’m forever happy.

Looking out over the Solent at Cowes seafront

5 thoughts on “Ride Round The Block

  1. Rachel on said:

    wow – it looks like you live in a really beautiful spot! I have never thought about riding as my fellow runs – which now I think about it seems silly as it is a perfect idea!

    • You should definitely try it! Its easy riding, so absolutely no excuse to lame out, no matter how tired! And I can pretend I’m his coach ;)

      • Ha! I love it when a plan comes together! :)

        Also wanted to say that I took my first bike ride in ages today, along the river Lea in East London, and it was awesome being out by the water in the sunshine, and even though I can already feel my legs hurting, my mind is relaxed and happy. I think I cherish nature even more here in the big city, because it’s so surprising that it’s there sometimes.