Muddy Shoes and Messy Gardens: April Reads

Muddy running shoes and book

The secret that all runners keep is that they don’t do it for their bodies, but for their minds.  Slim legs can get boring, but a clear mind never does.

April was the month for purchasing new running shoes and spending a week running around in Pembrokeshire.  So it seemed the obvious time to read a little bit about my new favourite thing.   ‘Hemmo‘ writes in a charmingly realistic way about her hobby- from her devastatingly difficult first run to her marathon habit.  Filled with practical advice and surprisingly emotional moments, this is a race-through-in-a-day read that I’d recommend to anyone who likes to leave the couch occasionally..

I also read The Sea, a perfect book to savour in a quiet week by the sea. Banville is an author I think I’ll be returning to.  Last but not least, I read a beautiful little book that Tom gave me: A Gentle Plea for Chaos.  Osler takes a meandering trip through her own garden, via a little history, philosphy and geography.  Her premise that we should embrace the wild edges and stop trying to neaten nature really rang true.

With the sun breaking through at this time of year, my reading has turned to warmer climes and for May I’m reading Ghana Must Go.  I chose this book for its cover (the indulgence of a non-kindle reader!) but the pages inside are proving pretty fantastic so far. Check out what other people are reading for the year in books over at Circle of Pines.

6 thoughts on “Muddy Shoes and Messy Gardens: April Reads

  1. the sea is sitting in the stack of backs waiting to be read. i’ve heard such great things about it!

  2. I quite fancy “Ghana must go” and you are right, the book cover is very inviting. I urgently need new running shoes and I wonder if a book about running might be in order, too. I run with a silly app, Zombies Run, which I love, in case you are looking for on the run entertainment.

    • I heard about Zombies Run in the winter and thought I’m too much of a fraidy-cat. Maybe I’ll try it now I’m not running in the dark!

  3. That is a good book cover indeed! I know you’re not supposed to choose a book on cover alone, but sometimes it is just too inviting to resist!