IW Randonnee 2014

Bikes on the Cowes launch

Blue skies and spring flowers peppered this year’s perfectly sunny Isle of Wight Randonnee.  The few puffy clouds and breath of breeze made conditions perfect. We sailed through a morning out east, whizzing round corners with other riders, and bingeing on tea and flapjacks at the Bembridge checkpoint.

Tom borrowed a speedier bike than his usual Dawes (thanks Dad!).  His super-skinny tyres urged us on and we rode faster than any previous year.

With so many cyclists on one route, there’s always someone to slipstream or overtake in a rash moment of enthusiasm; but everyone gave each other plenty of room (bar the one gentleman who swung wildly in to the middle of the road, almost causing a lycra-clad pileup.)

Tractor at Hunyhill junction

Yellow field in East Cowes

The sun shone shone all day and, thinking back, I don’t know how I didn’t find the excuse to have an ice cream. Next year I must remember to stop at Compton Beach for a Mr Whippy before the big climb up the Military Road.

People cycling the IoW Randonnee photo collage

2 thoughts on “IW Randonnee 2014

  1. My husband did this ride a few years ago and it poured worth rain!

    Looks like you had a super time :) x