Fresh Air is the Best Therapy

View from Coastguard Lane, Brook Isle of WIght

Friday was a spectacularly shitty day at work; I found myself actually trembling. Lots of the team talked about going home to a bottle (or two) of wine.

I had a glass of red. And a massage. And a sob. But none of it felt as good as taking the long route back home, wandering through the park at an extra slow pace and soaking up the stillness in the last light.

Sheep gathered looking

It seems the most wonderful fact of life that the best mood lifter is right outside the door, completely free, and always new. Everyone feels better after a few lungfuls of fresh air and a moment of quiet.

Whether it’s running around and scrambling through mud, or just sitting on a park bench and listening to the trees murmur, a spot of nature surely must be the best thing for the soul.

View from Hanover Point looking across to Freshwater Bay

15 thoughts on “Fresh Air is the Best Therapy

  1. days like that at work suck, hope you’re having a better week. A good stroll outside clears the head and lifts the lid off your worries – maybe only a smidge but just enough to feel life is manageable.

  2. Karen on said:

    I used to have a job that made me feel like that most days so I had to give it up and work for myself. Just stepping out into the garden and watching the wildlife helps me but I never feel better than on top of a fell in the Lake District. Hope you don’t have many days like that. Love your blog by the way.

    • I visited the Lake District a few years ago- absolutely beautiful! No stress could be too big to be relieved by those beautiful peaks.

  3. I totally agree, when I lived by the coast I used to figure my problems out on the beach and I’ve recently moved near a common and I’ve already been on a lovely head clearing run.

    I’ve just come across your blog and I love it already! x

  4. discovering the outdoors has been one of my favourite perks of dog ownership. am beginning to realise what a luxury it is to have two parks, a lake, fields, and woodlands all within a few minutes walk, and what a wonderful experience it is just to be outside and notice nature. this post really resonated – thank you

  5. i hear ya. i really needed some fresh air this evening – i’m so glad i’m in california at the moment where it’s warm and lovely at all hours of the day :)

  6. Sorry it was so rubbish but glad that these lovely things brightened your evening and made the evening end on a more relaxed note. x

  7. I’m sorry to hear that your work can get like that. I know how it feels, hope most days are better than that!