A Bonnie Blanket

Quilt on rocks at the beach

Honestly, it’s ridiculous how quickly time passes. It’s particularly noticeable when you give a new baby gift only to realise that said baby is now four months old (happy unbirthday Little O!) But I still have the quilts made for me when I was born, so I figure they don’t have an expiry date.

I didn’t intend for this gift to be quite so late. But even the simplest of patterns takes time, what with the cutting, the stitching, the big procrastinating pause in the middle of the project where you try all the fabrics in different orders to get just the right blend; and then the basting, the quilting, and the inevitable sewing of the finger and breaking of the needle. But- ta da! I finished!

Rusty sitting in the doorway of a shepherd's hut

I did the final hand stitching in Wales, sitting under the eaves of our tiny cottage. Whilst I did this pleasingly slow and quiet task, I thought of the lasting love in quilts. On our journey up, we stopped in for the night to visit friends. The quilt I made their baby girl is now tucked up with the dolls six years on, ready for tea parties and den-building. The quilt my Grama gave me when I set off to London many moons ago still sits on my desk chair, the bright red fabrics softening with age (and the occasional machine wash!)

Flowers and sewing machine photo collage

This quilt was inspired by Red Pepper, whose tips on binding were also really useful. The design started from the ‘perfect size’ jotted on paper, with strips of bright jelly colour added. Inspired by this ever-exuberant lady I ‘eyeballed’ the quilting; the very wonky quilted lines just prove it’s homemade. After all, I could never abandon my slightly haphazard approach to sewing.

This little project has got me itching to stitch and I’m excited to hear this dressmaker speak at Blogtacular (only three weeks away guys- get get your tickets!)

Quilt and dandelion photo collage

7 thoughts on “A Bonnie Blanket

  1. It is a particularly fine quilt and O loves it! You have not posted a pic of the reverse side of the quilt, which is just as perfect as the front side…unlike a lot of my creative efforts! Thank you so much again for the thoughtful gift, x

  2. Aw wow!! I have always imagined myself completing a project like this but I fear my creation will not resemble what I had in mind hehe. And I really like your blog by the way. The photos and stories you share are quite inspiring :) I wonder what you are going to create next!

    Mo x

    • You are very sweet to say so. Thank you! (And I’d say get stuck in to that project – all creations look fab from a distance with squinted eyes!)

  3. This quilt is so lovely. I was reminded by my daughter the other day of my failing to make one for my smallest granddaughter……best get on with it then!

    • Thanks Amber. It seems that often the first-borns get all the fun homemade gifts (certainly from me – guilty!)