Landscape view of Shorwell, Isle of Wight

Michelle kindly nominated me for a Liebster award: a gesture of paying forward the blog love, by answering some questions and sharing with a few friends. Michelle’s questions were too good to resist, and I even found myself asking others the very same questions over the weekend.
So, here are my answers..

Click your fingers and where would you like to be right now?
Polmina, Cornwall: a magical little stone hut sitting on a wild part of the Cornish coast. No phone reception and no telly; just moorland, Atlantic views and a cosy fire to read by.

What has been your biggest adventure?
Desolation Wilderness (the clue’s in the name right?!) Years ago, Tom and I spent several days hiking through this empty landscape on the Pacific Crest Trail. It was the closest I’ve come to danger, with a near-deadly slip on a glacier, falling asleep to the grunt of nearby bears, and carrying all our provisions on our backs. The views of endless empty space as far as the eye could see still sticks with me.

What is your favourite thing that you have cooked recently?
Pizza. I know, simple right? But I am in love with Smitten Kitchen‘s recipes and have recently discovered her quick and easy pizza dough. It doesn’t require much forward planning (which suits me perfectly!) and I like the flexibility of adding anything to the top (artichokes are my favourite).

If you could skip the learning and suddenly have a skill what would it be?
Fair isle knitting. I’d like to be able to create those beautiful colour combos that reflect the heathery landscapes of Scotland. My obsession with wool grows every year, and I would like to be able to do more with it (chiefly inspired by this marvelous woman!)

Are you doing now what 18 year old you thought you’d be doing?
At 18 I had just begun an English Language & Communication degree. I’m now a Speech and Language Therapist helping young children develop their early communication skills. So, whilst I took a roundabout way to get here, it’s not too far removed from where I started.

What do you think 80 year old you would like to see you do before you get there?
Live in a house in the country, complete with animals (sheep, ducks, hens, pigs!)
And visit the Southern Hemisphere.

Finish the sentence: When I find myself smiling while walking down the street it is usually because …
I’ve noticed some small piece of nature amongst the concrete, like a heron flying high over the street or a squirrel up a lampost.

What is your favourite ritual – daily, weekly, monthly or annually?
Tea! It is so delightfully British, and really does resolve many a woe. My husband, father and brother are all equal tea fanatics and when together we’re always debating what particular loose leaf to put in the pot. It drives my mum crazy who, with her American background, simply doesn’t get it!

Thank you to Michelle for her questions, and here are my six to pass on…

  1. What is your favourite journey?
  2. What was your best read of the last year?
  3. If the sun is shining, where do you go?
  4. Where’s next on your ‘must visit’ list?
  5. What are your words to live by?
  6. Tell me a joke.

I’d like to nominate the ever-creative Kelly, Danisse, Katy and Kat.

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