I know I can be fickle, but I think November must be my favourite month. It’s finally got cold enough to start layering up the wool, and a little fibre appreciation is inevitable.

Wool, oh stuff of wonder! What a pleasure it is to choose from any myriad of colour and texture, slubby or lacey, bright or heathered. Howies do fantastic merino wool for tramping off into the cold, and Etsy offer enticing wooly goodies for any number of uses. Nothing is as warm, wearable, and pleasing as a big woolly jumper, and if you fancy knitting one yourself, Ravelry is a good place to start. With the winter holidays fast approaching, I’m getting my knitting speed on amidst gifting plans. ┬áNow that it’s colder I might have to admit to getting a little excited about Christmas.









This is the month for wool, in all its wonders. No wonder some call it Wovember.)

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