Double Outdoor Day

The moon through tree branches

Rusty on the beach at sunset

If you can drag yourself out of bed before sunrise, the whole day feels deliciously long. Usually the alarm only goes off at some ungodly hour to begin my immense commute. So, a wake up call to watch the sun rise over the sea and drink a hot flask of coffee makes a welcome change.

Sunrise at the beach

We walked over three bays in the morning light and back across wet and muddy fields (is there any other kind this month?!) Home by half nine and filled up with brunch, we couldn’t resist the pull of those blue skies. So we headed out West on our bikes to soak up the sun in the other direction. It seems that time spent outdoors simply prompts you to find more of it. And a day topped and tailed with the sun over the sea is my favourite kind.

Sunrise across the water

10 thoughts on “Double Outdoor Day

  1. i love how long the days feel when you wake up early! i’ve been trying to do that more often. it’s the best feeling to have accomplished something before sunrise :)