A Week Close to Home


When a bit of holiday time comes around it’s always tempting to head for a new distant destination. But Tom and I found ourselves spending the last week much closer to home. With big plans to do very little, we’ve made the most of a gentler pace.

We filled our days with all those deliciously languorous things that can never be crammed in to a weekend: an enormous brunch with all the trimmings, a whole afternoon with a book, or an entire day spent soaking up the spring sunshine.

It’s back to the grind this Monday morning and I’ve got a busy month ahead. But, compared to how I was feeling when I wrote this post, I’m happy to have a job that I feel positive about, and don’t even dread the 6am alarm. I hope you all have a good ‘back-to-school’ week!

Sunshine on gate post with ivy

Silhouette of bird at top of tree with grey skies

1 thoughts on “A Week Close to Home

  1. AHHHHHHHH DAFFODILS! I’m completely obsessed with them! I’m yet to see any though so I think I might need to get myself out on a walk soon!