Not quite in my element

I stole some time in the country on my lunch break today, sat with my sandwich on the side of the bridleway. I thought about how I’d rather be under that tree, in muddy jeans, than perched on the side in my smart clothes.
I’d always rather be outdoors and too often am stuck the wrong side of the fence. But, I’m making plans to change that and in the meantime must be happy to have these stolen moments on the edge.

Coat on a fence

7 thoughts on “Not quite in my element

  1. I feel exactly the same! I’m often sat in the park on my lunch looking at the grass and trees and wishing i was in the country rather than in the middle of london. I’m intrigued to hear of your changes.

    • Thank you for your comment on my post about the curtains I sewed recently. You making blinds impresses me, though, that seems like a big step forward with the sewing skills!

      I enjoyed looking through your blog posts. You are inspiringly active!

      • I’m not sure how the miscommunication occurred, but trust me, I’ve never made blinds. I am sure your sewing skills well outweigh mine. Can you link me back to your curtains post? I must be losing my memory.

      • annika - all the live long day on said:

        Ha-ha! I’m so sorry for clicking the wrong button!!! I can sew curtains, but apparently I cannot navigate a blog! :o)

        • You guys, thank you for this great comment thread! I think we should all go and do some sewing now…