Holding the camera

Tom Pratt photographing

Tom is certainly the Official Photographer around here.  He is the one with camera in hand for every occasion, who will suggest a walk simply because ‘the light is good’.

Tom on the Sunshine Trail

I love sharing adventures with someone who so happily (and unobtrusively!) records them.  After the classic teenage embarrassments of ‘Say cheese,’ and ‘Just take one more for luck,’ I have a slight aversion to cameras.  So I am happy to leave the snapping to someone else.  But, this does mean that looking through our albums, you’d think I’d been on a decade of holidays by myself.  There is also a danger, on this blog, of my taking credit for pictures that are nothing to do with me!  Tom’s made me appreciate the pleasure of revisiting a trip through pictures, and I don’t want to lose him from every scene.

Tom at Barefoot on the Beach

So, this is me promising to do better.  To not only carry my camera in my bag, but to actually take it out and use it.  I suspect 99% of the photos round here will still be courtesy of Tom, but I will endeavour to add my fair share to our photo memories.

1 thoughts on “Holding the camera

  1. Marlene West on said:

    Love those photos, but also adore your words, Bryony. You are such a pictorial writer. It’s like sharing a moment over tea. Thanks for including us in your wonderful, colorful life.