Grama by the Sea

Trinidad Pier

This morning Mum and I are jetting off to San Francisco, to start our journey up to visit Grama in Northern California. So, today I thought I’d share some of my Grama’s thoughts on the sea, as I’ll be visiting this piece of coast in just a couple days.

I so enjoyed your post this morning with my first cuppa, feeling the fresh sea air blowing (from my decades by the ocean in beloved Trinidad). The sounds rate high for me: the cries of the irrepressible gulls as they dive and salute the day; the coughs and grunts of the languid sea lions as they push and shove on their bits of rock repose; the constant and soothing come-and-go of the waves and tides which become ‘second nature’ to those of us fortunate to have integrated sea life into our bones.

The sudden storms that rise and give much-needed rains, the sun seen through rainbows across wide horizons, little local boats bobbing in close as well as the large ships passing out at sea. The seafood so fresh and special, the PEOPLE so lovely and graceful. Time has a way of familiarising all this to those fortunate to have sea access as I have for more than half of my life. Born a block from the ocean, raised in the soil of farming with animals and creatures above and below, it all has its magnificent place within. Quite amazing.

And you girls will be here very soon. Can’t wait.

I can’t either Grama!!

4 thoughts on “Grama by the Sea

  1. How wonderful to have lived her whole life by the sea – luckily lady! I know what she means about the sound of the sea becoming second nature – you only notice it when you go away and suddenly it isn’t there any more!