Seaside Bloggers: Chasing Wight

Sea marker with text "nothing feels better than the sea air rushing past"

Today’s post comes from a little closer to home. Right at home in fact, as Tom is now blogging away on his own little corner of the internet. I’m so in love with our little seaside town, I’m happy to have the excuse to share it from another perspective.

1) Tell me about your slice of coast and why you love it.

Being island dwellers, we’ve got a lot of coast around us. Cowes may not have the long sandy beaches of Sandown, or the rugged cliffs and coves of the south of the Wight, but our part of the coast is still pretty special. I love how the the sights from our stretch of coast are ever changing and always full of interest.

We’re a mecca for sailing, the waters of the Solent an irresistible lure for yachty types from around the world; but we also have regular visits from the imposing cruise and cargo ships, wending their way to Southampton. Every time I look, something different is there…what’s not to love?!

2) What’s your favourite thing to do by the sea?

My favourite thing to do by the sea has to be the same as my favourite thing to do anywhere: run! I’m not much of a swimmer, and canoeing/kayaking requires more upper body strength than I possess, but to run by the sea is a really special thing. Whether pushing against a headwind or propelled by a tail wind, nothing feels better than the sea air rushing past as I stride along.

The (currently) undeveloped seafront between Cowes and Gurnard is my most regular run, at its best with waves splashing over the side or the sun just dipping below the horizon and putting on a light show. We’re blessed with fantastic coastal running here though, with coastal downland providing challenging terrain and terrific views.

Segulls on East Cowes breakwater

3) If you had a little sailing boat, where would you go?

I think I’m a homebody, I wouldn’t want to venture too far! First I’d find someone who could keep me from drowning in the open waters; I’ve never sailed despite living in Cowes for seven years now! Then, I’d get them to take me on a coastal tour of the west of Great Britain.

We’d start in the magical land of Cornwall, visiting the secluded coves and steep valleys, before heading north to the Pembrokeshire coast, so rugged and ancient. I know these places well, but am always happy to visit again. We’d finish our trip with the islands and Scotland though, they look so beautiful and are certainly top of need to visit places.

View over St Catherines from a bench

Scotland is pretty close to the top of my list too! Though I suspect we’re more likely to travel overland than by boat.

If you have a slice of sea you’d like to share, please get in touch!

Photos by Tom Pratt.

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  1. Ah thank you so much for sharing Tom’s amazing photos – I’ve instantly followed him on Instagram, I love that image of the bench it is so peaceful x