Climbing Up High

Rusty learning to tree climb with ropes

It’s always so satisfying to climb a tree: to scramble up and reach that first low branch and carefully wind your way higher before sitting against the rough bark. I can’t think of a better way to end a busy week. So I was delighted when Goodleaf invited us to try out their new twilight tree session. We met them at a huge old oak tree, standing just above the beach, with ropes reaching high up in to its canopy.

Looking up at a pulley in a tree

These guys seriously know their trees, and it was great to grab the odd snippet of information (did you know cork trees are part of the oak family?) whilst we harnessed up. After the briefest of intros, Tom and I were wending our way to the top of this magnificent oak, clambering in to hammocks strung up high, and peeking through the highest leaves at the city across the water.

View of Spinnaker Tower across the water through the trees

Tom tree climbing

I confess my competitive spirit got the better of me. When Paul mentioned Goodleaf’s vertical marathon fundraiser for local Island charity, Gift to Nature, I had to join in. So, I proudly wore my gold ‘three climbs’ sticker on the way home, while we buzzed with the beauty of the adventure and planned our return.

Now it seems strange that we hadn’t done this before. After a taste of that great height and the light through the youngest leaves at the top of that old tree, once could never be enough. We’ll be back!

Rusty hanging from a rope up a tree

Thank you to Paul, Archie and Abi at Goodleaf tree climbing company for showing us such a good time.


3 thoughts on “Climbing Up High

  1. Wow – what an adventure. I’m far to afraid of heights to ever try anything like that myself but it looks like an incredible view from the top – and the hammocks look really comfy for a little rest!

  2. This is why I HATE being so afraid of heights – I love the look of this kind of adventure, but I just could not even think about it. I get scared standing on a chair, for heaven’s sake!