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Foofandfaff beach with the text "know the view from every point"

Elise is from West Scotland: a place undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world. She is moving to the city today; I’m so glad she stopped by to write about her love of this spot before she moves.

1) Tell me about your slice of coast and why you love it.

I live on the south west coast of Scotland, in an average town full of tourists in the summer and familiar faces every other time. I love it here because it’s where I grew up. Actually I grew up about twenty miles down the coast, but I’ve lived here most of my adult life and it feels like home to me. Familiar.

I know how long it takes to walk one end of the beach to the other, I know what the view is like from every point of that stretch, I know how long each path leading towards and away from the sea takes to run, and I know how much my legs will hurt after every trip. It’s always worth it though. I mean, we have a huge old fishing boat docked at one end and a castle at the other – local history built right in!

A night out at the pub usually ends in a trip to the park and a run around on the beach, and even in the worst weather you’d find a person or two down there walking their dogs or running or photographing the waves.

Looking down at feet at the beach

2) What’s your favourite thing to do by the sea?

Ooh this is tough… It’s a toss up between walking along the promenade with my friend, talking the whole way, or when the sun heats up just enough (a rare thing in Scotland!) to walk along the sea, knee deep in water. It’s shallow for quite a long way out so it’s the perfect place to keep cool. Having said that, this past winter my Cub Scout group did a beach clean in the most horrific weather and we had a blast, so there’s no shortage of things to do here!

3) If you had a little sailing boat, where would you go?
Can I have a big sailing boat to go across the water to visit my best friend when she moves to Ireland later this year? We can see the Emerald Isle on a clear day but waving over won’t be the same…

People walking in the water at the beach

I love those beaches where you can wade out on the hard dimply sand for miles without your dress getting wet! It sounds very peaceful.

If you have a slice of sea you’d like to share, please get in touch!

Photos by Elise

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