Bryony and Tom and their wedding

Four years ago today, Tom and I were standing in front of our friends and family, talking of climbing mountains and fighting tigers (that’s what happens when you write you own vows;) We met in the love of one another and danced haphazardly to cheesy songs.

Wedding photo collage

Looking back over these photos had me smiling at all the little things.  After all, the wedding is a pretty little thing: the champagne and the frisbee, the sunburnt photos and the drunken hugs.  But the life together is a far bigger deal.

I’ve spent fourteen years with this guy, and life is all the sweeter for it.  With him, the smallest trip is an adventure, and the tiny things in life feel important. We’re a team.  Sure he’d fight that tiger for me, but we’d be more likely to take it on together.  Tom has shown me the value of listening (he always does a better job of it than I do) and the magic of challenging ideas.

Rusty's wedding

I love being with someone as geeky about the outdoors as I am.  Our first road trip down to Cornwall, I remember insisting that he take a proper look at the clouds and agree to their awesomeness.  Now he’s always giving me snippets, about the Latin for badger, or the origin of a holloway.

I want to climb more mountains, ride more miles, and spend more hours just sitting by the fire with this guy.  I love him, he is my best and most awesome.  Thank you for marrying me Tom (and sorry I was a little late!)

Tom checking the time on his watch

Photo collage of Rusty and Tom's first kiss

14 thoughts on “24/7

  1. Karen on said:

    Happy Anniversary – hope you have lots of adventures large and small in the years to come.

  2. it looks like it was a wonderful day – this tropical weather must be bringing back fond memories right now. Happy Anniversary and I’ll raise my glass to you for many, many more to come

  3. Happy Anniversary! And what a beautiful wedding – it sounds like the years since have been pretty wonderful too :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! It looks like a wonderful day (love your dress!) and it sounds like the years since have been equally amazing. x

  5. This is lovely. I went to a very good friend’s wedding yesterday and it had got me thinking about love and relationships and marriage, so this was a timely post to read. The photographs are amazing, where was the ceremony?

  6. I’m horribly late to the ‘happy anniversary’ party but your words and your photos are just beautiful! Fighting tigers together is how love should be.
    M x

  7. Martina on said:

    You are a lovely couple..and it’s wonderful to see such love and happiness <3!!!
    Wish you all the best!!!