Seaside Bloggers: That Adventurer

Hunstanton beach with text "Go for a long walk, rain or shine"

Today’s guest blogger, Hannah, shares her corner of Norfolk. Her beautiful pictures had me searching the map, and enjoying the placenames (Metheringham, Swaffham, King’s Lynn). Hannah is off adventuring in South America at the moment, so it was all the sweeter to read of her love for her local Norfolk beach.

1) Tell me about your slice of coast and why you love it.
My little piece of the coast is Hunstanton in North Norfolk. I’ve always loved the sea and dreamed of living by it, and last November that came true when we upped sticks and moved to the sea. Hunstanton’s beaches don’t always get the recognition they deserve, but that just means you won’t find hoards of people like you do in Bournemouth or Cornwall.

Old Hunstanton beach is the best. It’s usually deserted, save for a few kite surfers, its dog friendly all year round, and it stretches for miles and miles! Oh, and we get the best sun sets around!

2) What’s your favourite thing to do by the sea?
My favourite thing to do by the sea is to pull on my wellies, put the leads on my two dogs Cosmo and Mable and go for a long, long walk rain or shine. I like to watch them jump about in the sea whilst I scan the beach for any washed up starfish, crabs or other sea life.

Sometimes walks in the rain are even better. I rather like getting drenched and then coming back home to a hot shower, pyjamas and a hot chocolate.

Beach huts

3) If you had a little sailing boat, where would you go?
If I had a little sailing boat I’d travel north, towards Scotland (and hope there were no storms!). I’ve never seen much of Scotland but its wildness always looks beautiful in photos and I’d love to see it for myself. For somewhere warmer I’d have to take my boat to Brazil. I’m in Brazil at the moment and the coast is stunning and my little sailing boat would get me to those hard to reach bays and beaches.

Kites at sunset

I don’t want to wish the summer away, but getting drenched on a rainy beach before heading home for hot chocolate sounds like heaven.

If you have a slice of sea you’d like to share, please get in touch!

Photos by Hannah K

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    • So glad you’re enjoying it Jo. The good thing is, you’re never *that* far from the coast in Britain. :)