Fresh Air February

View from Bonchurch down, across to Tennyson Down, through a fence

It wasn’t until it ended that I realised what a long month January had been.  February came and brought blue skies: a treat worth savouring, from dawn ’til dusk. (Tom got up for dawn; I stayed in bed for extra z’s.)  We spent most of the day getting lungfuls of fresh air, hiking up steep downs, enjoying clear views from the top, and later climbing trees along woodland coast.  Daffodils and snowdrops poked up through the moss, and ducks paired off at the pond. I think spring might be on its way and I’m ready to soak up the fresh air and sunshine.

Bonchurch Down, feral goat, snowdrops photo collage

The days are just a little longer.  Though sunset is still early, there’s still time to squeeze in a trip to Newtown Creek before the light completely fades.

View from Newtown pier at sunset

Bryony on a bench at Newtown

Birds flying in the sunset

Someone asked recently what I felt passionate about.  I surprised myself by how quickly I replied ‘being outside’.  Sure, I love all sorts of making, baking, reading and writing.  But it’s the hours spent in the big outdoors that gets me grinning ear to ear.  I’m hoping February blows in many more fresh, bright skies.

6 thoughts on “Fresh Air February

  1. your photos always make me so happy. there’s snow outside my window right now, so the thought of ducks and daffodils brings a smile to my face…spring is on its way! (sort of.)


  2. RetreatingAndAdvancing on said:

    Woow, it already looks like spring where you live! It’s still all white and snowy here in Switzerland. I’m in bed with a cold, so no adventures outside, I guess..

    • That’s so hard being stuck indoors and poorly! Hope you feel better soon, and have a good view from your window!