Play It Again

Piano and sheet music photo collage

It’s hard to return to something that you used to be good at, and find that now it’s actually quite difficult! With memories of whizzing through my scales with ease as a teenager, I feel like I don’t recognise my own hands now, as they stumble and stick over every key. Tom gave me a piano for my 30th birthday last summer (I know!) and I’ve revelled in returning to something I’ve barely touched in ten years. When I sit at that stool, I think of nothing other than the notes I’m playing, and I’m rarely that focused!

I love to play, and my relatively good sight-reading skills make me a lazy player. But now that I have a piano in my home, it seems a waste to do little more than pick over easy tunes. Inspired by this book, I have decided to actually learn a piece properly: to do more than simply stumble through it, mumble something about difficult key signatures, and flick to another page. So, I am going to learn this piece; not to Lang Lang standards, but just enough to get through it smoothly. And if I tell you guys about it then I figure I’ll have even more reason to actually stick with it. Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Play It Again

  1. Awesome comes to mind. Awesome, that your husband loves and nurtures you in this way, awesome that you have the opportunity to again enjoy and reminisce about a life time spent over and through the keys. Enjoy what I’m sure will be a happy road to success in this endeavor. We send our love,
    :) Jeff

  2. Gosh, I so wish that I could play piano! I never learnt. I had singing lessons, but never piano. I think it’s one of those skills you truly are grateful for when you’re an adult but as a child you’d always moan about going to practise! Beautiful photographs too! You’re whole blog is a visual delight! X

    • I know just what you mean- I remember lots of reluctance and clock watching but I still look back on it fondly!

    • Thanks for the good wishes! I hurt my hand over the weekend so haven’t practised.. These excuses are reminding me of my youth!

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean – we’ve had a piano for ages but I’ve not got back into playing and now trying to show the girls how to play I’ve discovered I am painfully rusty

    Time to get back practising I guess

    • Good luck with the practise! It’s a good job little people are so easily impressed- I’m sure they’ll love whatever you play.