Rainy Day Office Companions

Bikes against a wall through a window

Some days are just plain soggy. The rain has been hammering at the window for hours. Walking the dog has been a wet affair. I’ve spent much of the day at my desk with a pot of tea by my side.

Hamster on a desk

I’ve heard that working from home can be lonely, perhaps particularly so when the damp keeps all our doors firmly shut. But, I’m pretty happy hibernating on a day like this. After all, it’s still a hive of activity in this little room..

Hamster on the desk, with pen pots

I’ll admit some of us are busier than others. Mabel is a master in carrying her entire body weight in sunflower seeds across the length of the desk at high speed. Rolo offers a fine repertoire of creaky yawns, enormous sighs and full-body stretches. He’s certainly fitting more yoga into his day than I am.

Dog sleeping on the floor

I’m settling in to the routine of self-employed life, discovering the delights and challenges of being accountable to noone but myself. Early days have involved plenty of big-sketch planning, strong black coffee and fresh air. And why not? I’m pretty sure Mabel won’t bust my ass for taking a long lunch break.

White Winter Dwarf hamster on table in front of laptop

PS – you can catch up on my recent SaLT by the Sea work over here.

Meet Mabel Mouse

Mabel the hamster on Rusty's shoulder

About a month ago I mentioned that we’d inadvertently inherited the class hamster, Cocoa. I discovered that having a pet is awesome. And when you’re out of the house twelve hours a day, allergic to cats, and bored by goldfish, a hamster is pretty perfect. So when Cocoa died a few weeks ago (after a long and illustrious life) I missed having a pet!

Mabel the hamster being held

Enter Mabel: a little Russian Dwarf hamster found in the rescue section of the pet store. Her full name is actually Mabel McWhiskyson (the product of reading H is for Hawk whilst drinking Laphroaig). She is an adorable ball of fluff to come home to at the end of the day and a seriously good alternative to ranting about work the moment I get in.

So, it turns out I’m a pet person; who’d a thunk it?! I’m still resisting the urge to dress her up in an elf hat for Christmas..

Mabel the hamster crawling on Rusty