Derek: World Explorer

Derek Rust

Tom is not the only world explorer I am lucky enough to have in my family.  My dad has always shown a passion for understanding how the world works.  He’s a man of extreme adventure, always aiming to reach the edge of the land, the top of the mountain, or the middle of the ocean.  As a child, I recall many trips by foot or by bike that were a little too long for my little legs.  As a teenager, he would drive me crazy with his insistence on stopping to point out an interesting outcrop or ponder a museum display.  But, with my teenage eye-rolling days over, I suspect that his adventuring spirit has rubbed off on me, as I dream of new places and new ideas.

A few days ago Tom and I went to hear Derek speak for the local Geological Society about his recent trip to El Hierro to study the active volcano.  It’s always inspiring to see someone who has clearly found their element and wants to share it with others.  We heard tell of spatter cones, parasitic vents, and flank collapse; all new ideas to me, despite having grown up around a Geologist!

I may not think geology rocks quite as much as my dad does, but it’s always a privilege to spend time with a world explorer.