A Week Unplugged

Gorse foreground, silhouette on cliff and Atlantic view at Zennor

Old road marker to Penzance

We arrived at our clifftop barn in the late afternoon sunshine, took in the sweeping views, had a cup of tea and raced down to the beach (after all, in Cornwall in Spring, who knows when you’ll next see the sun?!)

Bryony studying the map with tea, by an old stone wall

Rocks and sea, with cliff behind at Porthmear Cove

Polmina Cottage by the sea in the evening light

We took a deep breath and enjoyed the last light.  Perfectly peaceful, and we’d only been there two hours.  Our open plan barn conversion had all one requires for a proper country retreat, including no phone reception.  We took one look at the TV operating instructions and gladly decided we’d be better off without.  So, without the usual time-traps, our days fell in to an easy pattern of lazy mornings, with coffee in bed looking out across the Atlantic, discussing how we should make the most of the great outdoors.

Stone circle with church in the background

Carn Du cliff and sea

Bryony cycling to Penzance alongside old stone wall

Blue window with vase, and cream tea

Bryony jumping off rocks on to the sand at Porthcurno

We had wind and rain, but it only added to the adventure.  I could happily spend much more of my life unplugged from the everyday distractions that stop me doing my favourite thing: playing around in the fresh air.

Bryony cycling to Penzance alongside old stone wall

Bryony and Tom on a bench

Cornwall Countdown

West coast of Cornwall photo collage

Oh Cornwall! Land of moody seas, dramatic cliffs, tiny fishing villages, and plenty of white sand. I may live by the sea, but that doesn’t stop me getting excited at the thought of visiting another slice of coast. We’ve booked a tiny cottage on the remote west coast through the rather delightful Classic Cottages and I can’t wait.

Cornwall and I go way back: childhood holidays, complete with sandy sandwiches, damp canvas and proper fish & chips; a ‘first’ holiday with Tom, getting pissed in pubs and lost in fields (not at the same time); and a week walking the coast path, with sore knees, dried peaches for dinner (don’t ask) and plenty of welcome tea stops.

Spring coastal blossom and Tom walking away


Cornwall holds many memories, and we keep adding to its store. We won’t be visiting until April, but already we’re talking coastal paths, new exhibitions, and what books to take. This one is top of my list; who doesn’t love a stormy story by the sea?