Cornwall Countdown

West coast of Cornwall photo collage

Oh Cornwall! Land of moody seas, dramatic cliffs, tiny fishing villages, and plenty of white sand. I may live by the sea, but that doesn’t stop me getting excited at the thought of visiting another slice of coast. We’ve booked a tiny cottage on the remote west coast through the rather delightful Classic Cottages and I can’t wait.

Cornwall and I go way back: childhood holidays, complete with sandy sandwiches, damp canvas and proper fish & chips; a ‘first’ holiday with Tom, getting pissed in pubs and lost in fields (not at the same time); and a week walking the coast path, with sore knees, dried peaches for dinner (don’t ask) and plenty of welcome tea stops.

Spring coastal blossom and Tom walking away


Cornwall holds many memories, and we keep adding to its store. We won’t be visiting until April, but already we’re talking coastal paths, new exhibitions, and what books to take. This one is top of my list; who doesn’t love a stormy story by the sea?

5 thoughts on “Cornwall Countdown

  1. How lovely!! Have a great time. Thank goodness the weather is picking up a bit – coastal walks in the rain aren’t much fun…

  2. I’m a big fan of Cornwall too and have had a couple of magical holidays there. You’ve got me dreaming of southern adventures now (or even just a weekend away anywhere, really!) x

  3. I grew up in Cornwall, I now live in East Sussex and I miss it every day. It really is a magical place. Luckily my parents and the rest of my family still live there so we get to go back as often as we can face the very long car journey with two very young children! Lovely photos.