Seeing Stripes

All this sudden summery weather has got me seeing stripes;  on the deckchairs at Ventnor Beach, winding through pebbles at Steephill Cove and in the Minghella’s ice cream I simply had to have two scoops of.

At home I’ve been playing with stripes in fabric and yarn.  The folks over at Design*Sponge have done a great sewing 101 on making cushions, which finally spurred me on to turn this lovely Backstitch fabric in to something useful.

And Jane Brocket‘s indefatigable knitting of socks got me making my own.  They took three months, two unpickings and one mighty strop, but I got there in the end.


They took so much time, I’m not sure I’ll ever want to walk on them.  So I might just lie on the couch and admire my feet instead.

PS You can find more of my knitting over at Ravelry.

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