Running in the Snow

Running in the snow above Midhurst

What better way to beat the January blues than run away for the weekend, on a last minute adventure to the not-too-distant South Downs. If we were sentimental about it, I could also say we were marking the fact we’ve been together fifteen years (sentimental? Me?!)

Heart in the snow

We woke up to the lightest dusting of snow in our little corner of Petworth and threw on our running gear to go in search of the highest point around. This is the first time I’ve ever run in the snow. It felt strange to head out in to the white stuff without multiple bulky woolly layers, but I’ve learnt that as long as your toes, fingers and ears are warm, the rest of you will cope just fine.

Rusty jumping in front of a snowy log pile

Tom running to the top of a snowy hill photo collage

After a couple hours exploring the high land (high by southern standards at least) we ambled back down to the now-muddy puddles and shrieked our way through icy streams on the trail back home.

We filled the rest of our weekend with hearty pub food, exploring old towns, and ambling at a delightful easy pace, bulky woolly layers firmly restored against those winter winds. A weekend away in January is a Prust tradition I’m very happy to uphold.

Tom standing in the road by a signpost

Dinner at the Unicorn Inn, Heyshott

6 thoughts on “Running in the Snow

  1. Fifteen years?! Bravo! And I’ve never run in the snow but I like the look of it very much! No snow by the seaside though, just weird slush and an unholy amount of mud.
    Sounds like a spiffing weekend too
    M x

    • Yep, got to learn to love the mud! We were lucky in timing our mainland trip with the snow. We certainly didn’t get any on the Island!

  2. Sounds magical, and what a wonderful way to celebrate your time together with a field trip (as my mountain man and I like to call what other people think of as “dates”).

    I wouldn’t however recommend running in the snow we’ve got at the moment – we were up to our thighs in fresh powder yesterday morning!

    (ps: I’ve been reading your lovely blog for about a year now but have only just plucked up the courage to say hello. So hello!)

    • Hello Fran! I’m so glad you got in touch and to have the chance to discover your beautiful blog! I think field trips is the most perfect expression.