Mini Adventure to St Catherine’s Point

Friday afternoon, dashed home from work, and straight out the door to catch the last of the light at St Catherine’s Point.

old wooden posts on the beach and Rusty walking in the background

Aerial view of wood and pebbles

sunset behind cliff and pebbly beach

Lighthouse silhouette, with setting sun

Silhouette of Bryony and fence on clifftop

Clifftop sunset at St Catherine's Point

We hopped over rocks, scrambled up cliffs, wandered across fields, and watched the setting sun, before walking up the lane for a pint at the pub.  Just one hour exploring a new patch of ground and everyday hassles feel a world away.  I am in love with mini adventures.

12 thoughts on “Mini Adventure to St Catherine’s Point

    • It is certainly easy to get distracted by other things, like laundry or TV! St Catherine’s is a pretty magical spot. I hope you enjoy exploring some places in your area!

  1. Hey! I was so sure that I had signed up to read your blog regularly when I first found you, but somehow I hadn’t, and I just found out through your comments on mine! So thanks for reminding me that you are here! :o) Lovely photos, by the way!

  2. Hi Rusty,
    Thank you so much for popping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
    The header photo is taken in Whitstable here on the south coast (it’s a lovely little arty town on the beach) But it looks so similar to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight is that what you meant?
    You’re photo’s are beautiful! After 20years of visiting the island every year for two weeks i still have never visited St Catherines Point. It’s always on my to do list but it always manages to rain the day we plan it! You’ve inspired me to visit though. Im back again in July next year so it will be top of my list!
    Hope its sunny on the Island? Its wet and rainy here in London where i work :( xx

    • I’m glad St Cath’s is going in your list- definitely worth a visit. Your photo reminded me of Cowes actually. I guess all seaside town have that similar feel!
      We’re having fabulous stormy weather here- worth getting wet, just to admire all the fantastic cloudscapes.

  3. Stunning photos- we spent our honeymoon on the Ilse of Wight and loved St Catherine’s Point- nice to see it again.

    • Carol Hollingshead on said:

      I’m glad I found your blog. We live in landlocked Oklahoma in the US so the photos are much appreciated. And I can almost hear your English accent in some of your comments and not-American spellings. So good to make your acquaintance.