Mini Adventure to Mottistone Down

Dashing out between downpours, we scrambled through shiny wet ivy leaves, stepped over bramble tripwires and slid up the muddy path to the top of Mottistone Down.

Leaf closeup, country down layers, tree, seas view

The view at the top never gets old, with the entire South Wight stretched before us and a sunset that changed the light every minute. We walked down the hill as the light faded and got back to the car in time for the next downpour. Perfect timing.

6 thoughts on “Mini Adventure to Mottistone Down

  1. This looks beautiful! I’ve only been to the island once, when I was much younger on a school trip, but I’ve always wanted to go back!

    • You wouldn’t believe how many people say that! I think every school in the country must come here! Definitely worth a repeat visit as a grown-up!