Easy breezy

It’s been a weekend of windy sunshine and doing just what we fancy.

Yesterday, Tom and I treated ourselves to brunch at a favourite cafe and spent the afternoon on a longer-than-anticipated walk across Yaverland and Bembridge Down.

Today, with tired legs and heavy rain outside, we had the perfect lazy Sunday, filled with knitting, baking and reading.


This pattern from Kate is proving great fun, much faster and simpler than the initial five-page pattern had me fearing.  Its got me picking up my knitting far more often than I have done for months and I’m enjoying watching its fast progress.


I’ve found a banana bread recipe (adapted from Hummingbird Bakery) that Tom seems to love.  Home-baked goodies in a weekday lunchbox remind me of being a kid and always go down better than the Kit-Kats we settle on when I fail to bake.


I’ve taken my time reading Roger Deakin’s Wildwood.  This morning I was transported to the wild walnut forests of Kyrgyzstan and this afternoon I was lost in the blackthorn and crab apple of English hedgerows.

It’s easy breezy weekends like this that make that early Monday morning start a little easier.

1 thoughts on “Easy breezy

  1. Marlene West on said:

    Adorable! Loved the versatility, the laziness-on-a-Sunday, loved the choice of what-to-do’s. it all sounds whimsical, energetic and fun. Bryony, just finished the lovely book you posted me on ‘silence.’ Much good info and imagery in there. Thanks again. Just spoke with your mum whom,I know you know is ‘under the weather.’ We had a long and fun chat.
    Thanks for being such a good nurse-daughter for her. SO longing to see all of you.
    XO G’ma