Tom's feet with beach in the background

Pebbles close up and pebble skimming photo collage

Leaving home on one bit of coast to holiday on another is a true sign of loving the sea.  We travelled from the Isle of Wight to the Isle of Purbeck for a long weekend of sunshine and skimming stones.  I love how the sound of rocks changes underfoot close to the waters edge.  Sit in one spot for an hour and you’ll  find a hundred pebbly variations, just asking to be smoothed beneath thumbs, gathered in linty pockets, or released in to the deep blue beyond.  When I was little my dad would point out the feldspar and fossils, while my mum would point out the rings in stones that granted wishes; a perfect childhood mix of fact and fiction.  A week later and the salty sea has dried off my feet, but the pebbles are still in my pocket.

Yacht visible through Durdle Door rock

Chesil beach landscape

1 thoughts on “Coastal

  1. Carol Hollingshead on said:

    Such a beautiful trip. It’s lovely that you are always so near the ocean. I’ve only SEEN the sea three times in my life! You are probably more blessed than you know!