A Note from Humboldt

Humboldt holiday photo collage

Summer days spent at Grama’s are always wrapped in that delicious lazy disregard for time, where the big event of the day is going for brunch, and the only decision is which old friend we’re going to visit.

I adored my two weeks in California, so quickly settling back in to the American twang that I worked hard to soften as a young kid new to England. It felt good to drive on those redwood-lined roads, passing familiar signs to Arcata and Trinidad. I soaked up on family time, be it out on the porch with a beer, or down at the logger bar with a tequila.

Humboldt holiday photo collage

I dipped in mountain streams, cycled the back roads of my mum’s home town, and developed a serious addiction to root beer floats. We baked pies, swapped stories and watched the seals and otters in the bay.

It felt so good to reconnect with my family out there, and to enjoy the good aspects of American living. Lots of sweet memories to hold on to as Autumn falls in to our laps.

Selfie of Wendy, Rusty and Marlene

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