A Little Bunting

Sewing bunting in a conservatory

A friend of mine is to be best man at her brother’s wedding next month. The outdoor party needs 300 feet of bunting. A little help was called for…

I love getting out the sewing machine. but so often it lies dusty on my desk, neglected in favour of some fresh air. After the last sunny weekend, I was in danger of never getting the promised bunting made.

So I enlisted my mum’s help (always the answer right?!) We spent the afternoon out in her conservatory, ironing board and sewing machine lined up in assembly-line fashion. Mum ironed the binding in half lengthways and I ran it through the machine with some pinked fabric triangles sandwiched in between.

Sitting at the sewing machine: front and back photo collage

Our sunny workshop made it much easier to sit stitching on such a sunny day. And we still got out in the overgrown country lanes to tramp through the big puddles left by last night’s rain.

Bunting is a pretty satisfying project. You can fly through metres of the stuff at a fair lick, sewing machine rattling off the table as you push the pedal ever-faster. This might be part of the reason why some of the lines are a little wonky. But when you’re looking at 300 feet of the stuff with champagne in hand I figure noone will notice.

Home made bunting hanging up

7 thoughts on “A Little Bunting

  1. Thanks for the link :) Your bunting looks brill! It’s always so satisfying to make it yourself – and so much cheaper too. I bet the wedding will be so beautiful x

    • Thanks Ruth. It’s fun to contribute to a big celebration, even though I don’t know the people getting married!

  2. Wow 300 metres of bunting is huge! You’ve got some gorgeous colours in there and a lovely looking production line!

  3. That bunting looks incredible and I’m very jealous of your workspace – mum’s are always handy to have on side on projects like this. Maybe you can both throw me some my way – my new flat is looking a little drab! x

  4. i’ve been wanting to do a little bunting myself… so glad to have found your blog