A handmade story

Bryony wearing zincwhite bracelet

Small music festivals are often a celebration of the unique and handmade, and last year’s End of the Road was no exception. When not listening to music or enjoying all the independent food and drink merchants, we were exploring the various stalls – knitters, printing pressers, and jewellers.

Bryony wearing zincwhite bracelet

This beautiful bracelet was one of my finds from that weekend. It is made from Derwent pencils and an old knitting needle, by the ever-talented and charming ZincWhite. I had a great time choosing it, chatting with the woman who makes them, and sharing our love of craft, cycling, and the coast.

Buying from a craftsman so often offers more than the item itself: a chance to connect over a shared interest, to find out more about it, and to celebrate someone’s skill.  This bracelet is a celebration of two of my favourite things: stationery and knitting. It is a reminder of a very happy weekend and a chance meeting with a like-minded soul. When people comment on it, I relish the excuse to tell a story and to share with others the wonder that is Handmade.

4 thoughts on “A handmade story

  1. What a great piece of jewelry. Wonderful reuse of objects. I’m thinking of the wooden baby cradle my dad made before I was born. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen it. I need to find it the next time I visit him. I also love the story of my father making my mother wooden knitting needles, a very long time ago.

  2. Lidia and Paul on said:

    Hi Bryony,
    thank you :-)
    We are delighted to hear how much you love the bracelet – you have put an extra spring in our step today. Please pop by and say hello should you be at this year’s End Of The Road, it will be fantastic to meet you again.