End of the Road

We’re still reeling from a great weekend at this year’s End of the Road festival.  Breaking with a five year tradition,  we abandoned Green Man festival in favour of one closer to home (and more likely to be sunny).  We weren’t disappointed; a full weekend of sun, food, books, comedy and music.

The woodland library was the venue of choice for our mornings, host to readings by the lovely James Yorkston from his new book, as well as Laura Barton regaling us with tales of American road trips.

With flying books, tiny people and a forest of lights and origami cranes, this was without doubt the most magical library I’ve ever visited.

At the far end of the festival was the beautifully situated Comedy Stage. Although not extensive, the atmosphere was great, with stand-out performances from two members of Pappy’s and the righteously angry Robin Ince (“But it’s difficult to get angry when so much photosynthesis is going on all around you.”)

It is always hard to choose where to eat at a festival, with so many delicious choices.  We overcame this difficulty by eating as much as we possibly could.  Cafe Dish, set in the middle of the gardens, amongst peacocks and macaws, was the breakfast spot of choice.  Their freshly-made croissants were worth the wait and calories.  Hmmmm, butter..

And, of course, we had our fill of beautiful music; some familiar loves like Joanna Newsom and James Yorkston, and plenty of new discoveries like Josh T. Pearson and Sam Amidon.  The Paper Cinema put on an incredible live performance, completely changing my mind about puppetry; go see them if you can!

End of the Road is our new favourite way to end the summer.  We will be back!

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