The Best Idea for a Windy Day

Tom working on his MacBook Pro

November is such a busy time at work, particularly now we’re both working on extra projects at the weekend. So, it’s often the case that Tom and I are stuck in our respective screens. Tom is good at getting outside to run around and clear his head. I am good at making up excuses and nursing a bag of M&Ms with vague cries of ‘I’ll probably do some yoga later…’

So, after weeks of nothing but the odd down dog, it felt so good to run around a gusty clifftop, battling the winds, slipping through the mud, and just generally having a fabulous time filling up on fresh air.

View out to see from Culver Cliff, Isle of Wight

Tom falling down whilst running

The wind was so strong we really were batted about. Tom fell over, but I think he may just have been goofing around to get me up the steep hill. He did have to resort to chasing me through the Brading Marshes, against the headwind heading home.

Tom running at Bembridge Common

10k always tires me out, so we enjoyed the last hill at walking pace, hand in hand, planning dinner and enjoying the view. The best kind of days are the ones spent outside.

Silhouette of Rusty on the hill top

1 thoughts on “The Best Idea for a Windy Day

  1. carol h on said:

    Sounds wonderful. I hope it’s warmer than the 26 degrees (not counting the wind chill) here in Oklahoma.