What To Do In The Event Of A Broken Sewing Machine

View from a window, Cowes  Isle of Wight

We’ve had grey skies, torrential rain, and even the odd shower of hail; weather best spent indoors, close to the fire. Without the pull of a sunny day, I can start stitching that new pile of fabric. Unfortunately, an encounter with Fantastic Mr Fox has put my machine out of action. Turns out stitching through fabric and hot glue is ill-advised. Who knew?! But, the sacrificial stitching did contribute to a pretty great costume for World Book Day, and Tom’s first appearance in the local press (he’s a proper local now.)

So, while my freshly cut patchwork pieces lie awaiting a repaired sewing machine, I’ve been busy doing other things. Knitting is pleasingly analogue- no need for a plug socket and the only breakdowns are human (knitting in the round is fiddly). This first mitten was on the needles for a long time; I’m hoping the second will go a little quicker, and start keeping my hands warm on these cold mornings. Tom’s been drawing galaxies for his class, and I’ve been reading under the covers. The only thing missing from this rainy day is some fresh baking. So I’m off to address that right now.

Craft photo collage

2 thoughts on “What To Do In The Event Of A Broken Sewing Machine

  1. I just love sewing but also love that with crochet I can do it pretty much anywhere. Do get some odd looks when I pull it out in the doctor’s surgery. I also like that it is quiet, so unlike when I am sewing with the machine I can be in silence or watch tv too!