Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I was signed off by my doctor after hurting my back (it seems I was just not built for running!) The enforced rest has been a pleasure. I have had a blissful two weeks away from work.

Two weeks to immerse myself in all those things I enjoy doing at a quiet pace; lazy lie-ins or early morning walks on the beach, morning coffee on the front step, and afternoon reads in a deckchair. I’ve had the space to think about what inspires me, to find beauty in the everyday, and to be still and do. Nothing.

Two weeks to avoid the endless litany that runs in my head, of the many kids on my caseload, and the desire to give them more time than I have. Two weeks to dream of the alternatives and to Think Big!

I head back to work tomorrow. I hope I can maintain some of this creativity and refreshed outlook through the daily grind.


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