Tom the Camera Man

Photo collage of @hilldwellertom's Instagram feed

I’m sure Tom won’t mind me outing him as an Instagram addict. He’s always loved taking photos, and he’s been happily sharing them with others over on Instagram for over a year. There’s never a walk where he isn’t getting fodder for the feed, especially if we’re out in the golden hour, and he’s a merry hashtag inventor (#chasingwight and #offroadisland for a start.)

So he was petty delighted to get an email from the guys at IG the other day letting him know that he is now one of their a suggested users; a well-deserved accolade for his beautiful gallery! Do go check it out for a snapshot of this island life: forest, beaches, country lanes, and a few flowers and honeybees…

4 thoughts on “Tom the Camera Man

  1. That’s exciting! His images do look beautiful! I’ll have to follow him. :) I’m a sucker for nature photography.