Time well spent

Perhaps my persistent positivity about the weather paid off. Or, we’re finally due some decent weather.  Either way we’ve now had days of perfect summer sunshine. I’ve been soaking up every minute, maxing out on outdoors time and ignoring any screen draw (bar Instagram, of course!).

Rusty cycling in woodlands

Photo collage of Ventnor Isle of Wight woodlands

Tom walking in Ventnor

Tom’s school summer holidays have started off in the best of ways, with mini adventures and celebrations. I’ve been along for the ride and in complete denial about work. We’ve spent our weekends in the countryside riding and walking, and our weekday evenings on the beach, drinking bubbly and dipping more-than-toes in the sea (it’s really not too cold!)

Photo collage of Cowes

We’ve had plenty cause to celebrate, with the end of term, a new job in the pipeline, and our second wedding anniversary.   Here’s to long summer days, filled with sunshine and happiness. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Time well spent

  1. And cheers and congratulations! I had a long overdue day off today and we went to Barefoot on the Beach for lunch. Who’d want to be anywhere else when the weather’s like this!!