Chichester stitches

I’ve spent this sunny afternoon sitting in the garden and mulling over these new fabrics, found yesterday at the eternal maker.  I travelled up to Chichester to visit my friend Kate, who introduced me to this treasure trove of fabric, buttons and trim.

I have often bemoaned the lack of any really great fabric shops in this country.  Very Berry did a marvellous job, posting this comprehensive list of fabric sites online, but I still missed the inspiration of wandering through a place, touching the fabrics, and flicking through patterns.  Whenever I visit Fabric Temptations, in my Grama’s home town I end up having to buy a larger suitcase for the journey back to England.  So, you can appreciate my delight in finding a real-live bricks and mortar fabric shop (relatively) close to home!

The eternal maker could have claimed commission from Kate’s three-year-old daughter who led me round the place with delight and excitement in every button, zip and ribbon.  We marvelled at the robot quilts, butterfly buttons and felt-sewn garden tools.  Stacks of gorgeous fabrics fill this building, including Japanese prints in rich colours and thick cotton.  I refrained from any big spending, but couldn’t resist these few bright prints, to add to the ever-growing list of Things To Make Next.