Starry Night

Well, we didn’t get any snow.  But, we did get a beautiful starry night.  Tom has been sharing some star knowledge with me, and I’ve enjoyed learning some new things.  Now, I can spot Orion, and just make out the Pleaides on a clear night.  I have a better idea of how enormous our galaxy is, and how many others there are.   It’s daunting, but inspiring.  After all, we are all made of stars.

One thought on “Starry Night

  1. Marlene West on said:

    YES! Bryony, the stars ARE amazing. I just started my second round of classes, “Cosmic Visions” and it is so AWESOME! To know that we are made of star-stuff, that we are just tiny miniscule specks in such vastness is astonishing, and it’s all so beautiful. Glad we have yet another thing in common. Love to you both. G’ma