Snow Day / Sick Day

Blackbird perched on a snow stone wall

Whilst every kid on the Island, both big and small, was whooping in delight at Friday’s snow day, I was left coughing in bed.  I’m pretty sure it’s the first EVER snow day I haven’t been out the door in the first hour of its discovery.  Tom more than made up for my sickly excuses, with boots on by 9, and thermos and camera in hand.  He was gone just long enough for me to start getting worried, and for him to take a lot of photos.

Logs and fence covered in snow

Snowy path

Snowy bench in Parkhurst Forest Isle of Wight

While Tom was out exploring the unfamiliar landscape of our local area, I spent the weekend relishing some enforced rest.  I took a trip home to see the family.  We sat and caught up on busy lives, while I concentrated on such arduous tasks as finding the comfiest spot by the fire, and choosing my second slice of cake (gingerbread or coffeecake?)  A day with family, holed up by the fire amidst a snowy scene is a pretty good way to spend a sick day.  The snowball fight will have to wait ’til next time.

3 thoughts on “Snow Day / Sick Day

  1. I hope your feeling better now! I am always torn between exactly those two options when it snows. Because the snow is usually so short-lived, I want to go out and build snowmen and hear the crunch when I walk and look at all the beauty. On the other hand, I love the light inside the house, and the quiet, when there is snow on the ground and love to cozy up by the fire and drink hot chocolate. I usually end up combining both.

    That photo of the blackbird is great, by the way!

  2. Oh my, that little blackbird with his tiny orange beak a happy speck of color in the landscape . . . I LOVE that photo.