On y va à vélo

French signpost to Rue de la Brearderie at sunset

Bryony cycling in the shade in Voie Vert, Normandie bike path

We have returned from a fortnight in France, riding through sleepy green lanes and over far, hay-baled fields. We gorged on buttery pastries, and creamy brie, daily baguettes and refreshing afternoon beers.

Touring bikes outside of Jumieges Marie

International Herald Tribune paper on a table at cafe

We stopped in plenty of towns, ordering grand cafes and hunting out English newspapers. We weren’t always able to get our coffee early, making the the first of the daily kilometres pretty tough. But we were spurred on by varied roads, several ferries, and persistently cheerful cries of hello from the many fellow riders about.

Dawes and Pinarello bikes together by hay bales

Campsite and wild flowers photo collage

Field with cows and sunset through the tree branches

We cycled 500k, poring over new sections of maps, and seeking out campsites with our rudimentary French. Our bikes got along famously as ever, valiantly carrying us over dusty tracks and through rainy winds.

Bryony jumping in front of Dawes and Pinarello bikes

Bryony and Tom cycling

We got along pretty famously too.

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