Nationally Loud

Blurry Belfast at night

Bleary eyed, our head full of tunes, we’ve emerged this side of the weekend. The National rocked out, as we knew they would. I could hardly believe it as they played track after track from my ‘It’d be great if they did…’ list: new hits, olden goodies, and even this deep-voiced classic for the GoT fans (well, when you’re only a few miles from where it was filmed, it’d be rude not to, right?)

The National playing live at Belfast Odyssey Arena Nov 2013

Devendorf the drummer had effortless, loose, mad skills; the Dessner brothers performed in full guitar-flinging style. Matt Berninger carried the stage the whole time, decorously sipping on his red wine, before throwing it high in the sky in true stroppy rockstar fashion. The crowd was a similar pleasing mix of very polite bearded gents, who still got way too overexcited in the crush of the singer jumping off the stage. All good drama for a Saturday night out..

The National live on stage at Belfast Odyssey Arena Nov 2013

We filled the rest of our weekend in Belfast with lots of other delightful things, but that’s a post for another day. For now, sit back and enjoy a tune.

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