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That ability to still your soul

I’m excited to share a little corner of Italian coast with you this morning. Tom and I cycled through this beautiful city on our way to Ljubljana years ago and fell in love with its steep twisting streets.

So, reading about Michelle’s move to Trieste, her thoughts all accompanied by beautiful photos, has been an absolute treat. MY Creative is a lovely peek in to this coastal city. Here’s Michelle to tell us more.

1) Tell me about your slice of coast and why you love it.

I live in Trieste in the North East of Italy. Before my husband got his job here I had never even heard of the place. It might be considered unusual moving somewhere you haven’t ever been but something I had done before when I moved to England. All I knew (after looking on the map) was it was Italy, was very close to the borders of Slovenia and Croatia and was on the sea. After about 8 months of being here it is a beautiful change to the rush of London (people by the sea are just calmer, no?) and I am definitely growing to love this place.

I grew up by the sea (in Cape Town) and I suppose that creates in you that weird sort of love for the ocean while at the same time also not really appreciating it. This time around I am definitely going to make the most of it.

I love that I can see a (tiny) sliver of ocean from our window and I think the ocean makes you appreciate how small you, and your problems, are. Plus it has that ability to still your soul. I’m not much of a meditator but staring out to sea and down into the depths (the water here is really clear) is the kind of meditation that I can definitely manage.

I also love how changeable the ocean is. It has mood swings like me!

Marcola trieste walking miramare MYcreative

2) What’s your favourite thing to do by the sea?

I’ve never been an impressive swimmer so although a dip in the ocean is lovely I mostly just enjoy a decent walk alongside, sitting and reading a book and occasionally looking up and realising how tiny I really am.

Since we have only been here over the winter so far seaside activities have mostly involved just walking down to the waterfront, going for walks along the promenade, appreciating how water makes sunset’s just that much more spectacular, and watching all the sea life (jelly fish, little fish and more recently biiig fish).

I did take my first dip in the ocean recently though and with summer here I am planning to take a couple more. I actually quite like that they don’t have the sandy beaches here because there is a sudden drop and then you are basically in a giant pool! Plus it is so much warmer than the water in Cape Town.

3) If you had a little sailing boat, where would you go?

Ooh, so hard. I have never been to Greece and been thinking about a Greek Island holiday. It seems a bit of a weird thing to crave when you live by the sea but I suppose we still live in a town.

People sitting by the sea

That deep pool for swimming sounds a pretty perfect way to enjoy the summer. I’m still working up the courage for my first chilly dip this season. No excuse to put it off any longer!

If you have a slice of sea you’d like to share, please get in touch!

Pictures by Michelle Young

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  1. That photo of the two ladies is great. It looks like it might have been taken in the 50s or 60s, and that makes it somehow timeless.